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The secret to keeping fruit and vegetables fresh for longer.

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Australian households throw away more than $15 million per week in rotting fruit and vegetables. That’s almost $800 million per year of mostly avoidable food wastage.

Reduce your fresh produce wastage by up to 80%

KFW04_crisperBy simply placing a green KeepFresh fridgit in your refrigerator produce drawer you can reduce your fruit and vegetable wastage by up to 80% and save hundreds of dollars per year.

KeepFresh has been proven to keep fruit and vegetables fresh for up to 6 weeks longer.

Completely safe & non-toxic

KeepFresh is completely safe & non-toxic and is so easy to use. Each KeepFresh fridgit works for 3 months.  After 3 months simply replace the sachet inside your KeepFresh fridgit with a KeepFresh Refill  sachet for another 3 months working life.

University tested and proven

KeepFresh has been tested by independant universities around the world and proven to work.  That’s why we support our product with a Satisfaction Guarantee whenever you buy KeepFresh.

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