Can you imagine buying $100 of petrol and only getting $80 worth of fuel? Or paying for your annual insurance policy or vehicle registration and only getting 10 months worth ? It’s not on. As consumers we would not allow it ….. yet the research tells us that is exactly what is normal with our food purchasing habits!

The infographic at the bottom of this page provided by FoodWise tells a shocking story about our wastage habits as a community.

Our lifestyles are such a paradox. On one page of the newspaper we might read the concerns about how we are possibly ever going to feed a growing world population whilst on the opposite page we might see just how much food we throw away every day, week or year. In the end it’s hard to subscribe to the “we cannot feed the masses” argument when we accept the reality of our waste equation.

In Australia alone our food waste bill is a staggering $8 billion per year. This number is actually too big to understand it’s dimension ….. it is $670 million per month, $153 million per week, $21 million per day …. that’s food we put in the garbage bin. More than $1000 per household per year.

Hopefully this infographic might make you stop and think about your own habits with food and with just a little effort we can reduce this ugly figure quite significantly.

Whilst KeepFresh cannot help with a lot of this wastage it will help to reduce fruit and vegetable wastage in your home by as much as 80% and save you hundreds of dollars per year.  It’s as simple as placing our green KeepFresh cartridge in your refrigerator produce drawer.  It’s simple, it’s safe, it’s convenient … it works !

KeepFresh will pay for itself  within the first couple of weeks and if you’re not happy with the results then you can always get your money back with our satisfaction guarantee.


INFOGRAPHIC Aus Food Wastage