Is it the apple ? Or is it the Orange ? Perhaps the Banana ? Or possibly the Mango ?  It’s actually not any of these. They are all definitely big hitters in the world of fruit popularity but none of these are the most popular fruit in the world.tomato (t)

The most popular fruit in the world is …….
the Tomato !

OK, so it’s a bit of a trick question but strictly speaking the Tomato is indeed a fruit, just like the pumpkin and cucumber are also.

Now, I can almost see the raised eyebrows through my web screen from people who have done their own net-surf and want to tell me I’m wrong.  I know there is plenty of material out there telling us that the Mango is numero uno, or the Banana is king. There’s even some telling us it’s apples or oranges……but these are all wrong according to the facts.

How do I know ? Well, I decided I needed to find a  reliable source of information. A source that can be trusted and has no interest in publishing anything other than the facts ……. that source is the United Nations, The Food and Agriculture Association of the United Nations to be precise (Data is also available atGeohive).

When you think of it the tomato makes perfectly good sense.  It’s so versatile and so common in everyday cooking and salads. Bananas come very close if we combine the production of Bananas and Plantains together, but on their own they equal only 2/3rds of the production of tomatoes globally.

So here are the top 10 fruits produced in the world for 2010.

1 Tomatoes 145 m
2 Bananas 102m
3 Watermelons 89m
4 Apples 70m
5 Oranges 69m
6 Grapes 68m
7 Coconuts 62m
8 Cucumbers 58m
9 Mangoes 39m
10 Plantains 37m
Global fruit production in metric tonnes 2010

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