KeepFresh 12 month Pack


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Tested by CHOICE and proven to work, that’s why we support KeepFresh with a 100% moneyback guarantee.

This pack provides everything you need to protect a fridge with one vegetable drawer for a whole 12 months. Reduce your wastage of fresh fruit and vegetables by up to 80% simply by placing KeepFresh in your refrigerator vegetable drawer. It’s that simple!

IMAGE Satisfaction GuaranteedKeepFresh is simple, it’s safe, it’s convenient … and it works.
Purchase in confidence with our KeepFresh 100% moneyback guarantee.
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Contains 1 x KeepFresh Fridget and 3 KeepFresh Refills
Each cartridge works for 3 months.

Tested by CHOICE and proven to work. Simply place your KeepFresh Fridget into your vegetable drawer to keep your fruit and vegetables fresh and reduce your wastage by up to 80%.

If you only have one vegetable drawer in your fridge then why not give one Fridget to a friend or family member to try.

After 3 months simply replace the sachet inside your KeepFresh Fridget with  KeepFresh Refill for another another 3 months working life.


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