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Retailers, wholesalers and fundraisers can earn repeat and profitable produce related sales with KeepFresh.

KF Product Family (t)We invite retailers and wholesalers from all market sectors to become selling partners with KeepFresh. We have retail ready counter or shelf display units and hangsell displays that successfully promote KeepFresh at the point of sale.

It’s simple, it’s safe, it’s convenient ….. it works.

Sell KeepFresh with confidence

IMAGE Satisfaction GuaranteedKeepFresh has a proven scientific pedigree and is completely safe & non-toxic. It can help consumers to save hundreds of dollars per year in by reducing unnecessary food wastage.

Resellers can resell KeepFresh with confidence because we support all consumer sales with a moneyback satisfaction guarantee to the consumer when they purchase KeepFresh.


of the food Australian consumers purchase is thrown away.


of Australian Households’ $8 billion annual wastage bill is fresh food.


of consumers want their fruit and vegetables to last longer.


of consumers say they would buy more fruit & vegetables if they were confident that they would not rot before they could eat them.

KeepFresh can reduce fresh produce wastage in the home by up to 80% simply by placing our green KeepFresh Fridget in the refrigerator vegetable drawer.



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